horses and ponies at the campround

All horses come daily to the big field and they can live a good life. Our principle for dealing with horses is: Think first of it, "What can I do for the horse" and not "what the horse can do for me."

Angelo was born in 1998 and is a son of Pianka. Angelo is the favorite horse of our granddaughter, Maya. From jumping up to the training, Angelo joins in everything.

Perle was born in 1995 and is a daughter of Pianka. She is built a little baroquely and with her bright expression she immediately wins the hearts of the children.

Menasha was born in 1999, she is an all round horse and can be used anywhere. She is trained as a therapy horse, and in dealing with children in a particulary careful manner.

Mon Jolie was born in 2007 and is a daughter of Menascha. She is a very modern type, calm and balanced.

Ma Fleur was born in 2002, very charming, calm and balanced. She is often used as a carriage horse and loved by all riders.

Malindi was also born in 2007 and is a daughter of Ma Fleur, a Haflinger with perfect color and beautiful long hair. Like all our horses she is also balanced and calm.

July is a 16 year old pony mare. She is a Shetland pony. In her box the children play with brush and comb. She loves to be pampered by children.

They are all unique personalities, and simply beautiful. See for yourself!